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In May 2020, the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) elected Tom Burgess, Executive Director of Taxpayers Against Poverty (& Director of PPU) as chair with the mandate to broaden its focus and to invite proactive campaigning organisations that may have different purposes but share a common agenda of building a fairer society, to work together for economic justice. The current website is being redesigned. Here is some draft information on the new direction:

Economic Justice?

Economic justice is the idea that the economy will be more successful if it is fairer. The goal is to create opportunities for all to thrive and that prosperity and justice go hand-in-hand rather than in opposition to one another. Not only is there a strong moral case for economic justice but it contributes to a more sustainable economy and greater wellbeing.  


Building a coalition

There are a number of organisations and individuals campaigning for a fair society and shared prosperity, but we are stronger if we work together. The Coalition for Economic Justice is creating a group united in purpose and proactive in campaigning. This coalition will build critical mass, amplify the message and extend influence with the mission to resolve the fundamental issues of economic (and social) justice, in response to the urgency of these critical times.


Coalition for Economic Justice

The Coalition for Economic Justice was founded in 2008 by a group of organisations focussed primarily on proposals for Land Value Tax (LVT) as an alternative taxation system that would minimise economic inequality. Amongst its many initiatives, in 2018 it facilitated the formation of an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Land Value Capture and acts as the secretariat.



The Coalition for Economic Justice now intends to take a leading role in addressing and bringing attention to the most urgent issues of economic justice and promoting fiscal policies to secure social justice and equality & has proposed a three-part strategy:

  1. Build Partnership network: Develop an expanded network of like-minded organisations campaigning for economic justice, with a solid membership/supporter base and a collective online following of in excess of one million as this would provide a broad base on which to build. Ultimately the goal could be 2.3 million supporters as that represents the 3.5% of population number where the majority of non-violent protests succeed. Each partner organisation can have one representative on the Steering Group.

  2. Develop unified campaign: Working with supporters and network partners, the CEJ seeks to become a major influential organisation leading the campaign to address the urgent need for a fairer society. The CEJ plans to develop common messaging to bring together partner’s complementary campaigns plus some key principles essential to a fair society and combine this to build a strong campaign to affect policy decisions and change culture.

  3. Encourage understanding through education: The CEJ intends to facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise to maximise effectiveness of this crucial campaign. It will develop an educational approach to help understanding and therefore increase the likelihood of these fundamental approaches being adopted.


Working together

We have a moment in history, a window of opportunity where not only have there been great acts of compassion and caring for fellow humans but also there is greater awareness of the treatment of essential workers, the tax dodging companies asking for bailouts, growing poverty and inequality,  and the importance of public services especially health and social care having the right level of investment and funding.


The CEJ has a chance to show leadership, to be true to the name Coalition for Economic Justice by bringing energetic and committed campaigners together to #buildbackbetter. “If not us, who? If not now, when?”  It’s a team effort.

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