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Authored by PPU Executive Director, Tom Burgess, From Here to Prosperity sets out an agenda for progressive prosperity based on an inequality-busting strategy of Income for me, Wealth for we.


"Burgess presents a much-needed path to engage both the wealthy and everyone else. It isn’t punitive, it is inclusive. It isn’t billionaire bashing, it’s bridge building. The principle of ‘Income for me, wealth for we’ is not just practical, it is executable. This book outlines an agenda to build balance again with greater opportunity, a healthy middle class and a productive environment for the continued creation of wealth for the benefit of all, not just the few."

     — Chuck Collins,  Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC

"A sound, common sense approach to engaging business for the greater good where we all can profit. It is not enough for business to have a social conscience. It is the performance that counts. Tom Burgess offers a practical agenda to engage the philosophy of a corporate social conscience through initiatives such as tax reform, profit allocation and self-financing infrastructure investment. A defining statement which should be read by all entrepreneurs who seek a clear alternative perspective to progress their business."          

      — David A Kerfoot, MBE DL

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