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To many this election result was the the nightmare scenario. I am saddened but not surprised, however we are where we are, we have to move forward and be positive.

America voted for change, or at least voted for things not to stay the same, as it was not clear what change would look like! Millions felt disengaged and ignored so rejected the establishment politics, as it had not made life better. Just like the Brexit vote.

Trump tapped into this discontent, voters did not care that he was rude, had no clear strategy and ironically that he was a lifelong member of the 1%, but they did like that he was an outsider,

a non politician. Clinton listened to the polls not the people, particularly Trump supporters who she insulted instead of directly addressing their concerns. Once the Democratic National committee had Bernie on board they seemed to ignore the Bernie supporters, many of whom could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary.

We must listen to all the people, seek common ground and work together on an agenda that reduces extreme economic inequality and minimizes the financial hardship suffered by millions everyday. An agenda that brings prosperity for all, not just the few.

The language must be non-partisan, inclusive and compassionate. We have much work to do. I am reminded of the work of Martin Luther King in 1963 “We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream”

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