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Social mobility, is it going to happen, now?

Another insightful article by Polly Toynbee, applies to USA as well as UK. In this she says: "There is only one important question and no one has an answer: how can enough voters be persuaded to will the necessary shift [in social mobility], to convince the older/richer voters to make some sacrifice?"

Well for a start, it would be no sacrifice. Enough voters could be persuaded to act on inequality if the message is tailored to them particularly the rich , as a fairer world is better for us all. Unless the rich/elites/1% act now or the "pitchforks will come" (And they seem to be on their way!). More positively a more equal society has better social outcomes which benefits all (see The Spirit Level: Wilkinson/Pickett).

Donald Trump promises to work for all Americans and Theresa May wants a country that works for all, not just the privileged few. So far no sign of any action on that. But there are actions that could be taken now that could bring the change in prosperity that people want.

A living wage creates more opportunity for millions and a shift in taxes away from income to wealth would be a huge boost to families and economic growth and no sacrifice for the wealthy. (other ideas in my book: From Here To Prosperity) The people want change.

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