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Where do we go from here

For the majority of the population who do not like the idea of a reality TV performer/billionaire businessman as President, we are stuck with it for the next 4 years unless something unforeseen happens. So what do we do?

If the Democrats win the House and the Senate in 2018 then the new administration will be curtailed, giving opportunity for a new agenda. It is no good just protesting and name calling, we need to develop a very clear, bold agenda which is easily understood by voters who will then vote in their own best interests

Do the numbers

Lets be very specific, in 2018, the House is up for reelection and the Democrats need to secure 13 more seats than 2016 to win control, so lets set a goal of 20. In the Senate where 33 seats are up for reelection the Democrats need to win two more seats than 2016 so could set a goal of 10. The decision is which seats might be targeted needs to analyzed carefully. For instance, in California there are 53 members of which 14 are Republicans so if just all those could be swung to Democrat a majority would be achieved. Add in New York where there are 27 members of which 9 are Republicans and we are well over the margin that would bring the House back under Democratic control. In reality the most winnable seats across the nation would be the targets.

The party of the people

This will not be accomplished by undermining the new administration; they are likely to achieve that by themselves. Nor will a Democratic Party in disarray achieve it. The Democratic Party needs to examine itself, look to its roots and realize that should be the party of the working people, the backbone of the country, the party of prosperity for all.

This means having a very clear vision and a bold agenda. At the election it was clear that the people voted for change even if it was not clear what that change would be. The Democrats did not offer change but now have a great opportunity to show what that change could be and how it will benefit everyone in the country, the poor the middle class and indeed the rich. At the same time we need to go easy on the partisan rhetoric, it does not work, it is not appealing and it is just playing the same game as other parties


The new agenda needs to be simple, clear and practical so it appeals to all. While America needs to play a role in the world, it needs to lead by example (democracy, climate change, human rights....) and not by the gun. The new agenda should focus on resolving the key issue at home which is unnecessary financial hardship and extreme economic inequality because the lower the inequality, the better society is for all (clearly demonstrated in the book “The Spirit Level”, by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett). As a start, I outline an Agenda for Progressive Prosperity in my book, an agenda which is bold, affordable and practical.

So let us seize this opportunity, we missed in 2016 (it is not difficult to see why), not to make America great again but to make life great for all Americans. As Gandhi said “The future depends on what we do today.”

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