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Time for a Progressive Partnership

Over 4,000 activists gather in Chicago for the People’s Summit this weekend.

It is time for all progressive campaigning groups to come together and unite under a new People’s Party in order to win electoral success and bring the change that the majority of Americans want.

There has been considerable effort to reform the Democratic Party since its disastrous national defeat in November 2016, especially those initiatives driven by Bernie Sanders. However this has proven an uphill task, as even senior Democrats still not give unequivocal support for policies like universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage or tuition free education and the Democratic National Committee continues to endorse receiving big corporate donations.

Corporations and wealthy donors fund both establishment parties, which distorts the political agenda and invariably acts against the best interest of most Americans. The two main establishment parties have lost touch with reality and are participating in politics for the privileged. The political spectrum has shifted, it is no longer about left or right but about status quo and real change. The only way left to bring lasting change will be by forming a new political party

Most campaigning progressive political groups work towards the similar goals and agree on certain core policies such as universal healthcare, at least a $15 minimum wage, infrastructure investment, wealthy pairing a fairer share of taxes, Tuition free education, big money out of politics, protecting the planet and more.

We are certainly all in this together, so let's work together to achieve electoral success. Now is the time for a new party that could transform American politics and the best option would be to draft Bernie Sanders to lead that party. I hope the People’s Summit is not just a talking shop but actually agrees on a direction of travel.

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