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The fruits of the money tree

Time for the non-conservative parties to step up and do what the British people want: they do not want to leave the European Union and they also want a government that brings change and actually does something for the majority. To move from austerity to prosperity, we need to follow the principle that we all create the wealth (but currently it is accumulated by the few) so it needs to be shared more equitably.

This can be achieved by a tax on personal assets of the 1%, a move that will cause no hardship. It will allow 80% of the population to be released from paying income taxes and so increase disposable income, boost consumer demand, create more and better paid jobs. It will also provide more money to spend on healthcare, education, infrastructure and social support but we are just not asking the right people to pay. So when Prime Minister Theresa May says there is no money tree with which to increase spending on healthcare (and to pay nurses better) tell her she is barking up the wrong tree.

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