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An Agenda for Progressive Prosperity

When I was researching my book: From Here To Prosperity, I looked for simple answers to what I and may see as the fundamental problem of our time, the problem from which most other social problems are caused. That is the extreme economic inequality and the resultant financial hardship that millions of people suffer every day.

I came up with an Agenda for Progressive Prosperity aims to minimize extreme inequality and create greater opportunity for all by bringing significant financial relief to the poor and squeezed middle. It is based on the inequality-busting strategy of “Income for me, wealth for we”. We each keep the income we earn from our work and we share more equitably the wealth we create jointly.

The tax system would be reformed to shift the base from income to wealth and to encourage greater social responsibility. A key way this could be achieved would be by abolishing income and payroll taxes for the majority of the population (the lower earners!). This would be more than covered by a greater contribution based on a small percentage of asset value above a threshold from those who have accumulated significant wealth. With more funds brought into circulation, consumer demand will be boosted and more jobs created, leading to greater opportunity for all. This agenda is inclusive and non-partisan; it causes no hardship and could transform our society, bringing sustainable growth and greater social justice. and as the title of my book suggest, it will move us From Here To Prosperity.

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