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Where are they leading us?

I had hoped Theresa May would be a "good" Prime Minister, but she fell under the same spell as her predecessor David Cameron, she did not listen to the voters, she gambled and lost. She said “the Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the rich and powerful, but by the interests of ordinary, working class people” Yet she never followed through, never put forward a strategy for achieving this, she had many chances to do this, but nothing. The party manifesto was bland and the Conservatives rightly lost their majority. She had her chance, move on, she did not deliver on her promises.

Jeremy Corbyn surprised us all by not being blown to oblivion at the 2017 election but he stepped up with confidence. When he was elected leader he said things would change, and in the election he said "for the many not the few". I agree. But Labour Party is not united, it does not have a clear strategy to tackle the urgent problems that affect millions of ordinary people and the party is in danger of being sucked into a ideological black hole


There is ray of hope now as there is now a grown up in the room in the form of Vince Cable, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. He is an experienced politician, a professional economist and former government minister, plus he wants to see an “Exit from Brexit”. Voters are disillusioned with the two establishment parties, so the Liberal Democrats have incredible opportunity to step up and lead, Vince will need to develop a bold vision, a clear strategy and a policy platform with a small number of interlinked polices that directly benefit the majority of the British people. Voters will need to know what the Liberal Democrats stand for, they could realise it is distinctly different from the other party offerings and could lead us to prosperity. But there is a lot of work to be done. Let us see how that goes.

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