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Last Exit From Brexit

In the UK, the Liberal Democrats are the only major party that is in favour of remaining in the European Union. The exit negotiations are proving difficult and cumbersome It seems increasingly likely that the country will realise that the benefit of remain are greater than leaving.

However the message to voters needs to be more than an exit from Brexit. This needs to be matched with a programme for prosperity, a strategy to reduce inequality and create a better life for all, all proposed policies need to relate to this vision and strategy. Labour are not doing this and clearly the Tories aren’t so it seems the Liberal Democrats have a unique opportunity.

A package of interlinked polices is required. These could include: Living Wage (as determined by Living Wage Foundation) , reduce/abolish income taxes for 25 million families, (it gives up to a 15% income boost, injects £60 billion into economy and only reduces government revenue by 8%), reform council tax and business rates with Land Value Tax which will also fund infrastructure, Tax on personal assets of those with over a certain threshold and social responsibility incentives for business…… and more. All these reduce inequality, increase opportunity and cause no hardship (as extra funds come from stored wealth).

An exit from Brexit is not enough, we need a Programme for Shared Prosperity, for all people, not just the privileged people.

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