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New podcast seeks to answer the Big Questions

The Real Agenda is a new talk radio show to be launched as a weekly podcast from 8 October 2018. The show will seek to inform, inspire and involve listeners to push for political change. The show's lively, informative conversational style will talk less about the problems and more about fixing them.

The Real Agenda will be hosted by Tom Burgess, Executive Director of the Progressive Policy Unit and author of “From Here To Prosperity, a practical political agenda for a sustainable economy and greater social justice, published by Shepheard-Walwyn as part of their Ethical Economics series. Tom is a former presenter and producer for BBC and community radio, once a full time student leader and a long time political activist, who has twice stood for public office, plus has had a long entrepreneurial career in business communications.

While there are many good and interesting podcasts produced by mainstream media and independents, most talk about the politicians and their goings-on rather then the people they serve. The Real Agenda will be highly focused on the policies that bring real benefit to the majority of the people especially those that feel left behind.

Show host, Tom Burgess said:

“It is great to get back to radio, it has always been a passion of mine since I did my first broadcast as a student. With The Real Agenda, I aim to tackle the crisis of economic inequality head on and give voice to the widespread frustration at the failure of partisan politics and traditional economics to end toxic inequality . But instead of dwelling on these grievances, I will seek to develop a simple path forward and with the help of our guests, backed by all the analysis and real life stories. We hope to articulate a fresh and highly practical strategy that could provide immediate and substantial relief to millions of people struggling to make ends meet.

We want to talk to all participants in the shift to shared prosperity — the wealthy and the poor, people at the centre and the margins of power. We have choices for change, and it starts with our listeners, citizens demanding action, prepared to make their views heard and to come together to break the chains of economic inequality. That’s the Real Agenda.

All show notes, briefing documents, links and archive material will be available on a new website currently under construction at

More info on content and access will be available soon.

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