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London 8 October 2018: The first episode in Series 1 of The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change is now available on iTunes.

In the first episode, we go to the frontline of poverty, the harsh reality of life, which impacts 14 million real people of the 65 million in the UK. However you define poverty, it is bad, we will be looking not so much at the help we can give to alleviate the suffering, but how we can tackle the underlying fundamental problems, that’s The Real Agenda

How do we ensure that everyone has at least an adequate minimum income and access to truly affordable housing? I will be talking to the inspiring Rev Paul Nicolson, the founder of Taxpayers against Poverty and a relentless campaigner on behalf of those in poverty

Having started his career marketing champagne before becoming a vicar 50 years ago in his mid thirties, Paul founded the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust and initiated research into minimum income standards. Today the Trust supports over 2000 cases a year of benefit claimants in debt in London. And on a lighter note, Paul was the real Vicar of Dibley, when he gave permission for his parish church in Turville Buckinghamshire to be used as the location for filming the popular TV series. Paul now lives in Tottenham in the London Borough of Haringay.

Paul also talks about the new Moral Case Campaign for adequate minimum income and truly affordable housing. It is about doing the right thing and tackling the causes of poverty so we all have the opportunity of prosperity

That’s The Real Agenda

For more info go to:

For more info on Taxpayers Against Poverty go to

Or contact:, 0208 376 5455

More about The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change, aims to inform, inspire and involve those who want a democratic, inclusive and fairer society that respects human rights and protects the planet. The focus is on fixing the fundamental problems of our time, primarily the extreme economic inequality and the unnecessary financial hardship suffered by millions everyday by developing a political agenda that moves us from here to prosperity. Its informative content answers the call, how can we make change happen and “what can I do?” That’s The Real Agenda.

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