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New Episode, #9: Fixing the fundamentals, but who is listening?

Week 9: London, Monday 3 December 2018.

This week on The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change

This weeks episode features Neal Lawson, chair of Compass, the pressure group that seeks to build a more equal, democratic and sustainable future

Neal talks about how the EU referendum was just a release valve that had been waiting to blow, after years of pent up anger and frustration. We have not been listening to the concerns of the people; the fundamental underlying causes behind the vote have still not been addressed. As a result, he adds that those proposing a second referendum should be careful what they wish for. However he was heartened by the huge number of good ideas around that would help build a better society and remained very optimistic about the future

Compass recently produced a document on the Causes & Cures of Brexit, more info here:

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