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Below the Breadline, where is the way out of poverty?

Monday 10 December

The Real Agenda

the podcast for political change

Out today, Episode 10: Below the Breadline, where is the way out of poverty?

“Sustained rises in child and pensioner poverty are clearly linked to policy changes over last few years, it is unacceptable in today’s society and the picture is getting worse, we are calling on government to redress this”

The Real Agenda talks to Claire Ainsley about the state of poverty and what we can do to end the misery. Claire is the Executive Director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which has been working to solve UK poverty for decades. In-work poverty has been rising even faster than employment, 4m million workers are living in poverty & also 4.1 million children are in poverty, and its getting worse.

Up next on The Real Agenda

Money & Power, is it time for a new party for the people? First of our American editions, which will feature Nick Brana, formerly a staffer on the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential primary campaign and now founder of the Movement for a People’s Party


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