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Time for the Weekly Wake Up

The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change launches news & comment show

London: 12 April 2019: The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change has added a further edition called the Weekly Wrap up. This is a news and comment show, co-hosted by Tom Burgess & Satya Kartara. It is aimed at those who want an informed weekly update on inequality & injustice, how it can be fixed and what they could do.

Tom Burgess, founder of The Real Agenda said

“There are millions of people in the UK suffering poverty, unnecessary hardship and struggling to make ends meet. There are also further millions who also want to see these issues fixed urgently but are frustrated at lack of action and would like to do something to make change happen. This show is aimed at these millions.”

These new editions follow the launch of:

  1. Around The House: interviews with individual MPs talking about their opinion on the key issues and how to resolve them. Kicked off 28 March with Johnny Mercer MP, with seven other MPs agreed so far

  2. Challengers for Change features inspiring people who demonstrate drive and determination to bring positive change. First in this series was published 10 April 2016 and featured Naomi Smith, a trained management accountant, former parliamentary candidate and now Chief Operating Officer of Best for Britain, the campaigning group for the UK to remain in the European Union and also co-host of the highly popular Remainiacs podcast. Next will be Zack Polanski, Parliamentary, London Assembly and mayoral candidate

In November 2018 a monthly American edition was first posted, which has covered issues such as the influence of money on political power, wealth and income inequality. Currently 20% of the audience for The Real Agenda is based in USA & Canada

The Real Agenda was launched in October 2018 and has posted 28 episodes. The current format is based on a single interview with activists, campaigners researchers, politicians, media leaders and influencers around a specific topical issue. The focus is on finding the answers to the fundamental issues such as extreme economic inequality, poverty, homelessness, economic justice, public services, tax reform, corporate responsibility and inclusive prosperity.

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