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The Real Agenda seeks to grow income & team

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London: 30 April 2019: The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change is seeking to boost revenue in order facilitate further expansion. As part of this drive it has set up a Patreon page where those who would like to help bring political change, can contribute financially with a monthly pledge and receive different levels of benefits. The page can be reached from or directly:

The audience for The Real Agenda is those that are concerned about the lack of leadership and action in resolving the key issues of our time and would like to know what they can do to make change happen. The Real Agenda focuses on not just the analysis but also the answers to the urgent issues, ie The Real Agenda, such as extreme inequality, poverty, low wages, unaffordable housing, public services, infrastructure, climate change and damaged democracy. Longer-term plans are to build a media organisation to include video and online


Tom Burgess, founder and host of The Real Agenda said “Our aim is to bring positive political change. The interest in The Real Agenda is most encouraging. We are very grateful to our current sponsor: Reverse Media Group and would welcome more. We now need to up the income to fund expansion, so we can employ or outsource some of the production and marketing. We are also seeking people who are passionate about positive political change and would like get involved as a volunteer hosting, reporting, editing or assisting with marketing especially social media”

In addition to the main weekly show produced in London, there is also an American edition and three new series have been added recently:

  1. Around The House: interviews with individual MPs giving their opinion on the key issues and how to resolve them.

  2. Challengers for Change: talks to individuals with drive and determination to bring change.

  3. Weekly Wake Up: News, comments and info on action to fix the urgent issues of our time that effect millions in our country every day: This show will be co-hosted by Tom Burgess & Satya Kartara, with other guests

About The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change is about how we share the prosperity we all help to create. A new episode has been uploaded every week since October 2018 and every month there is a special American edition. Hosted by Tom Burgess, The Real Agenda aims to inform, inspire and involve those who want a democratic, inclusive and fairer society that respects human rights and protects the planet. The focus is on fixing the fundamental problems of our time, primarily the extreme economic inequality and the unnecessary financial hardship suffered by millions everyday. Its informative content answers the call, how can we make change happen & “what can I do?” More info at:

Listen and subscribe free: Acast, iTunes PlayerFM Soundcloud Spotify Stitcher

Contact: Tom Burgess +44 (0) 788772 4285

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