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Labour's to do list

11 June 2024 In what might have been an attempt to bring clarity to its intentions, the Labour party seems to have reinventing itself as the party of To Do lists


As many of us know it is easy to write a To Do list, but it is much harder to write a How to Do list, or indeed have Bold Vision, Clear Strategy and detailed plan for this list.


Most of these missions, policies and steps created by the Labour Party make little or no impact on the cost of living, rising inequality, perpetual poverty, damaged democracy and very importantly climate change. Though Great British Energy, a watered down Green New Deal appears in all three lists


These are just bland cliches to appeal to disaffected voters most of who do not want to voter Labour, Conservative of any other party for that matter, they just want some good guys to help improve life for them and their families.


First we had: Labour’s five missions

1.    Get Britain building again?

2.    Switch on Great British Energy

3.    NHS back on its feet

4.    Take back our streets

5.    Breakdown barriers to opportunity


Followed by Labours 10 policies to change Britain on 27 May

1.    Deliver 2m more NHS appointments

2.    Set up Great British Energy

3.    Close private schools loopholes to fund schools

4.    Bring back family doctors and improve NHS care

5.    Stop water bosses bonuses when they harm environment

6.    End Hotel use by asylum seekers

7.    Greater support for victims of violence against women

8.    Put passengers first and establish Great British Railways

9.    Make the Minimum wage a genuine living wage

10. Free breakfast clubs in primary schools in England


And then: Labours first steps to change

1.    Deliver economic stability

2.    Cut NHS waiting times

3.    Launch a new Border Security Command

4.    Set Up Great British Energy

5.    Crack down on Antisocial behaviour

6.    Recruit 6500 new teachers


These “ideas” are piecemeal, papering over the cracks,  “sticking plaster politics”, the same term that Sir Keir Starmer launched at the Prime Minister. They make little contribution to addressing the fundamental problems facing the majority of the country, financial insecurity, poor public services and the threat of climate change.


What is required is a Bold Vision, a clear strategy and a detailed plan to achieve real and worthwhile goals


Well, I am not going to sit here and moan, The Progressive Policy Unit has some very real ideas for the next government which would bring a beneficial impact to the majority of the population and set on course for a period of sustained inclusive growth, not just in economic terms but also well-being.


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