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Time for Change?

5 June 2024

We have been very quiet here, but very busy. I have been involved with Compassion in Politics for the last five years, becoming Executive Director two years ago. Also I took over the leadership of Taxpayers Against Poverty in March 2020 when the founder Rev Paul Nicolson sadly died two days before he was dues to do a sit down protest outside Downing Street. He was a good and inspirational friend who was a campaigner for those less fortunate to the end. He was also the Pioneer of what became the Real Living Wage when he organised funding and the original research that determined exactly the basic amount of income required to have a nutritious and healthy life in suitable accommodation. This work is now carried on by the Living Wage Foundation. In 2019, for the Real Agenda podcast, I interviewed Jennifer Nadel, who had recently co-founded Compassion In Politics. I then introduced her to the Rev Paul and we agreed that Taxpayers Against Poverty and Compassion in Politics should work together. We have achieved significant success since then which can tell you about in another post. So the legacy of Rev Paul Nicolson continues.

Now back to the General Election.....


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