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The Progressive Policy Unit (PPU) is a political advocacy consultancy that helps organizations develop policy and commercial initiatives that lead to greater economic equality


The PPU partners with political and advocacy groups to identify, develop and promote practical policies that build a sustainable economy and greater social justice.

  • Research

  • Policy proposals

  • Campaign plans and metrics

  • Networking and alliances

The PPU helps companies create progressive and commercially viable initiatives based around socially responsible capitalism to give employees greater inclusion in the wealth they create.

  • Research

  • Practical strategies

  • Deployment plans and metrics

  • Advocacy


Executive Director - Tom Burgess

Combining international business success with substantial political experience, Tom Burgess had a long entrepreneurial career in media and communications, his last role was CEO of an international public relations firm that he founded and grew to operate in 100 countries.

His latest book: From Here  To Prosperity, a practical policy agenda for a sustainable economy and greater social justice was published by Shepheard-Walwyn as part of their Ethical Economics series.


Since then he set up the Progressive Policy Unit as a political consulting group partnering with like-minded to organisations involved in minimising inequality. At the same time to promote an inclusive political agenda by creating fresh, simple, clear and practical policies that change the underlying structural weaknesses that create economic inequality.   

Tom founded Real Agenda Radio which produces and distributes podcasts that are listened to by thousands every month primarily in UK & USA and around the world. All are available to listen to and subscribe free through all major podcast platforms including Amazon, Apple, Google and Spotify. Real Agenda Radio offers a range of podcasts with the potential to really explore issues, challenge traditional thinking and the status quo. Its progressive & reform focused content offers a real opportunity to develop an alternative mass-audience platform to the mainstream news agenda. 

In addition to being founder of Progressive Policy Unit, and of Real Agenda Radio, Tom is Executive Director of Compassion In Politics, Chair of Taxpayers Against PovertyTechnical Adviser to Tax Justice UK, and a Senior Fellow at Radix, the think tank for the radical centre as well as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).


While in California he was a volunteer on the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign and subsequently as an adviser to the national movement to form a new peoples party. Having once been a full time student leader, a founding member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and twice stood for public office, Tom has also worked as journalist, editor and broadcaster.

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