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Whose Wealth is it anyway?

The funds are there, we just need to ask for it


London 6 March 2018: Yesterday a senior Conservative David Willetts argued that public spending on the areas of healthcare, education and welfare is due to rise by £60bn a year by 2040, this could be funded by taxing the wealth of pensioners rather than by squeezing younger people’s take-home pay.

Tom Burgess, Executive Director, Progressive Policy Unit, a political advocacy group commented:

“This proposal is the right direction and most welcome especially from a Conservative, it shows openness to other ways of raising public revenue. However this is not enough!

There is strong moral argument to tax wealth in all forms as we all create the wealth from the work we do; yet our current system enables it to only be accumulated by the few. If we could change this system, which we can, with the political will, then financial hardship would be significantly reduced and living standards raised for the majority of our country.

It is time for the wealthy to invest in our nation so that we have quality healthcare, education and welfare as well as funding our future with integrated infrastructure, so we can build the Britain we all want”

: or call Tom Burgess direct on 0788 772 4285

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